Meloria Ball Candle


Maloria Candle


Burn Time 44 Hours
Finish extra shiny
Packaging in black velvet bag and elegant gift box with Meloria logo

Clean, classy and modern, these unique candles lacquered candles where you can mirror yourself give emotions and wellbeing. With a Perfect spherical shape these candles can fit into any setting, form the most minimalist to the most ornate. When lit, they transform into captivating lanterns thanks to the shimmering life of a living flame.
These candles are the result of a precious balance of history and tradition, but also search and innovation, in the selection of the raw materials and the manufacturing technologies.

Additional Information

Fucsia (Fuchsia), Rosso (Red), Bordeaux, Orca (Ocher), Arancio (Orange), Giallo (Yellow), Verde Chiaro (Light Green), Verde (Green), Celeste (Light Blue), Blu (Blue), Lilla (Lilac), Viola Ecclesia (Purple), Bianco (White), Grigio Perla (Pearl Grey), Fumo di Londra (London Smoke), Nero (Black), Oro (Gold), Argento (Silver), Bianco/Argento (White/Silver)


Small, Medium, Large